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pezus said:
I would have thought Gabe's comments about MS and Windows 8 would hint that they didn't want much to do with them. 

I guess they're releasing it on Steam instead of Xbox because it might not profit if it was only on Xbox Windows 8. Still weird that it's exclusive to Steam

I think Microsoft have conceded defeat and GFWL will be retired shortly.

Deadlight, Mark of the Ninja, Toy Soldiers, Age of Empires 3 and now Age of Empires 2 are all Microsoft Games that released on Steam without GFWL.

The Win8 store is for tablets not PC games.

I'm using Win 8 right now and here is a screenshot of the games they are selling. Do these look like PC games to you?

I know it feels like hell has frozen over but MS has been releasing games on Steam for a while now.