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Slimebeast said:
GreyianStorm said:
I've been playing (a lot of) this on Gameranger recently, and been thinking how great it would be to have a HD version (with better servers etc).

I can not wait for this!

Gameranger, is that an online service to play multiplayer? I hope so, it would be so fun to have several VGCharters to battle with.

Yeah, but there can be some connectivity issues at times, because it's peer-to-peer.

Hopefully this remake will have dedicated servers.

Gameranger is free (there are premium accounts available, but I'm not sure of the benefits). If you download it and want to add me, my username is GreyianStorm on it, I think. It has support for hundreds of games (all the AoEs, Borderlands, Rome: Total War just off the top of my head). Most players on Gameranger play with the 1.0c patch for AoE2. There is also an unofficial expansion pack available to use through Gameranger, called Forgotten Empires iirc.