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richardhutnik said:

I am not going to say that the adventure genre disappeared, or all of them have dumbed down puzzles, just the adventure genre vanished into action for the most part.  This alone isn't the issue.  The issue is large budgets resulting in a need to dumb things down to sell.  The issue, from a retro perspective, is a loss of established genres so people who like them are without them, not even really the fact that action has picked up elements from other genres.

As a retro gamer, and why I want retro gamer community to have a stronger voice and have a say into their genre being supported, I want to see the genres of the past still be viable and get served sufficiently.  Genres should die off and assimilated into some generic thing called "videogames", but stand out as sufficiently rich experiences for the fans.  I also hold hope for bonus points that newcomers can also be welcomed to.   I want more genres, not less.

I would also add now that the great blanding of things is happening more now than in the past, due to development costs going mad insane.

My point to gamerace was that retro gaming does not exclude the importance of adventure games and games where gameplay is not absolutely central to the entertainment of the game. The experience as a whole is a rich one. The examples I gave were king's quest and dragon's lair/space ace. There are many more.

The allergy some people have to adventure nowadays (given more modern trends) is due to a lack of perspective.