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BasilZero said:
richardhutnik said:
Trunkin said:
Yes! A hundred times yes!

Get people on here voting yes, and contact ioi.  I am sure we can get something if enough join in.  Maybe Team Sega can pop in here at this point, and also show support.  So, get more yesses in here, and contact ioi.

and n+ is retro to me.  At least neo-retro, as in a new game done old school.

Wont the definition of "Retro" also align with SNES and SGEN since we are on the peak of a new gen?

I would say pretty much.  What is the definition of retro is up for the air.  The forum would be appropriate to discuss what is retro and so on also.  If you check Retro Gamer magazine, you see 16bit era covered.  Probably at this point the orignal XBox and PS2 is about to go retro also.  I would say a key part of retro here is the play style is one that has fallen out of favor, outside of maybe Indie.  The Weak Wolverine regenerative health and only two guns model of FPS is modern, but you take a look at Doom with the health packs and like 9 weapons, and that is retro style.  Also, you can get newer content done in old style to.  The art style or play mechanics could end up being retro in nature (I would call this neo-retro).

The thing about retro is that it always seems to get larger, as more content gets added.  Anyhow, I will leave others to debate and discuss.  At least the forum could be a home for console makers no longer in the business, where people who are fans can discuss them.

We are also probably looking at fighting games of all sorts, even the 3D type, going retro now, because the bloom is WAY off.  They used to be really hot, and top sellers.  Now they aren't.