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JayWood2010 said:
Euphoria14 said:
JayWood2010 said:
Euphoria14 said:
JayWood2010 said:
happydolphin said:


I think you missed the point of the teams.  I purposely left out multiplatform because that takes away from some of the fun since there is no competition with that.  If you look at the teams you will actually see a lot of multiplatform people like Kain, benV, Zorro, and me are all multiplat but we picked teams but we all buy all consoles.

Either way go ahead and put me on the list lol  Im still staying on XBox Republic though lol 

Don't let this man bully you Happy.

Hey now, youre just upset because you picked Playstation Nation over Xbox Republic XP  

Why couldn't the Sony guys just make a super cool signature like you guys?

Because we have Kain XD lol  Im sure one of the sony guys will eventually make a logo because the logos for sony is kind of meh right now. Itll take time but im sure someone will.

I don't have faith in their direction. They have Pezus as their leader afterall.

iPhone = Great gaming device. Don't agree? Who cares, because you're wrong.

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