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On behalf of pokemon X/Y coming out This year which is very good news, but unfortunately a long ways away! So i thought about making not only a Tourny but a league almost like how sports do. With a winning/lost record and throwbin some crazy tournys time to time.

Of course as this will take place from April intill October the rules will be Flat rules (all pokemon become lv 50) battles (more rules coming soon).

I need at least 15 other people but more than that is welcome to join. I'll be breaking down the league into 2 parts (think of AFC and NFC in Football). Only one game per player meaning if you choose black 2 stay with black 2.

The other post i'll use for info, i'll make threads connecting this one because of tournys i might throw out there!

In order to join post saying you want to for now. Remember this is competitive!

Thank you!