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ils411 said:
Not finished yet? Good! I hope they slap on a Cell in one model so it can play ps3 games through the optical drive. I'd buy that even if that verison is $100 more than the standard version.

I take that as an irony post.

Of course the hardware specs are done and sealed. There won't be any changes anymore to the specs. All the material has been ordered, some of it months ago, if not a year ago. You really should not try to analyse Trettonspeak (pure PR guy), you might better try Yoshidaspeak.

Yoshida - being asked about Tretton's comments - simply clarified that the DulaShock controller might have a slight change in the end. And they didn't show a PS4 at the event to prevent anyone (or, more obvious, SomeOne) from even having the slightest chance of seeing/touching the mainboard (or even the connectors on the mainboard). Formula 1 racing is now prepping up for this coming season. There are dozens of reporters with dozens of cameras each, photographing every detail from the competitors' cars day and night. Same cabaret would have happened at the event, with the occasional, accidental bumping of people into other people guarding "the real stuff"