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Chark said:
hivycox said:
LemonSlice said:
They pretty much released a list of all the specs. They're final.

Then why would Tretton come out and say otherwise?? This doesn't make any sense...maybe they are aware that a console with 8 gig GDDR5 would cost too much...look at their stock! They are investors who are afraid of the ps4 to be the ps3 all over again!

These are the kind of people that need to research their investments.

The only thing this rolling spec says to me is that Sony's only engineering goal is to trump the Xbox' spec. This is bad product management and leaving considerations like form-factor, power consumption and heat-load as last-minute considerations. Sony can't afford to finance another overpriced console, nor can they afford a reliability issue. So it's no wonder that investors would be nervous.