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Yeah no. Sorry bud.

well Sony pulled that back in 2005 isn't far fetched if you see what the RAM actually costs

They did?

I guess stuff like "It will run linux" and "it will be backwards compatible" comes to mind. But those were not in 2005. What happened in 2005? I'm also curious.


Pulling the 8GB to 4GB would not upset the developers so much as they have already been working only with 4GB. I myself thing the 8GB is not even necessary. Don't even think there the developers will be able to use much more than 4GB (they usually don't in PC games even when pushing it to the max).

Reducing it to 4GB would actually be a good move for sony. Only fanboys could actually think otherwise.

are you speaking of the same developers that sony thenselves said they increased the RAM to 8 gigs for?( who were after the conference declaring their satisfaction with the RAM ) or other developers we've never heard of?

one thing i must say though is that your concern for sony is touching lol

Do you understand the concept of diminishing returns? I guess you would be one of the fanboys I mentioned if you don't care about that.

your reply does nothing to contradict what i said 

the extra RAM was installed because of the requests from developers

are you implying that you have a better understanding of the requirements for their games than the developers do?