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hivycox said:

You mad cause it might be true? I have an OP as stated in my statements earlier but that doesn't mean I doom-say Sony...

That are just fact that I listed:

1. Their stock went down
2. Tretton said that
3. a lot of poeple think that putting 8 gig GDDR5 RAM is not a great idea regarding the price

I'm just stating facts but you are talking about my supposed hate for Sony which I can't understand tbh

Stock goes up and it goes down. There are many reason why a stock may fluctuate, there is too much information out there to really pin point the cause. You are stating that Investestors are paying close attention to the cost of the ram, while I can counter with the fact that the stock market is ruled by computer algorhythems that make little sense to outside parties. I can also counter with the rapid decrease is cost of ddr ram once the initial fix cost are paid for and production & large quantities is bound to drop prices which could be good or bad for Sony if they are buying them are market price. In reality I don't know what type of contract/deal Sony was able to make with its Taiwanese partners, and I'm sure they are keeping those secrets tighter than their console specs & designs. 

There will always be some type of speculation when new products are introduced in to an ever-changing market; you telling everyone that Sony's Stock went down when the announcent of the PS4 Ram was announced made look at the price. It's currently sitting at $14.01. Down a wapping .50 cents from 21st of this month. True its is about a 3.5% decrease, but judging from weeks past, this isn't all too irregular for Sony's Stock to be fluctuating at these rates. You may be reading too much into someones observation man, or your observation is limited by your own narrow views.