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JoeTheBro said:
hivycox said:
JoeTheBro said:
Yeah no. Sorry bud.

well Sony pulled that back in 2005 isn't far fetched if you see what the RAM actually costs

Yeah you're too obvious.

hivycox said:
LemonSlice said:
They pretty much released a list of all the specs. They're final.

Then why would Tretton come out and say otherwise?? This doesn't make any sense...maybe they are aware that a console with 8 gig GDDR5 would cost too much...look at their stock! They are investors who are afraid of the ps4 to be the ps3 all over again!

And by too obvious I mean you're obviously only wanting the best for Sony!

You mad cause it might be true? I have an OP as stated in my statements earlier but that doesn't mean I doom-say Sony...

That are just fact that I listed:

1. Their stock went down
2. Tretton said that
3. a lot of poeple think that putting 8 gig GDDR5 RAM is not a great idea regarding the price

I'm just stating facts but you are talking about my supposed hate for Sony which I can't understand tbh