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I am somewhat re evaluating my personal opinion of some lobbying groups in these forums. It used to by Sony fans that used to wade into this quagmire oblivious to the fact that they often exacerbated the problems by reinforcing the conclusion they claimed to be erroneous in the first place. Dismissing the developer, and claiming that you wouldn't have purchased their products anyway. Actually justifies the action that they have taken.

To the Nintendo fans trashing Electronic Arts. The pettiness you are displaying doesn't suit you, and not only doesn't it help your cause. It actually hurts your cause. It is always bad when a consoles library of titles shrinks, and it always hurts a console when it is under represented in critical genres. Such a loss will have actual consequences for you as a user beyond just not getting these games to play on your platform. It will directly impact sales of the hardware, and as a consequence it will have a negative impact on software sales. Not just lower sales of the games that Nintendo will put out, but it will decrease the amount of games that Nintendo can actually put out. At the very least it may dramatically impact the quality you will see out of these games.

The correct response isn't to tell Electronic Arts fuck off, because you never liked them anyway. The correct response as a fan is to figure out a positive way to get them to change their mind. Instead of advocating for boycotts which obviously will not work, because Electronic Arts is effectively segregating themselves from the audience anyway. What you need to do is increase your support for Electronic Arts by at the least signing a petition to encourage them to bring the games to the platform, or something real sensible like start buying more of their games.

Yes I know they are overpriced for what they are, or aren't necessarily high quality, but as a fan this really is all your own doing as far as this publisher goes. They brought seventy games to your last platform. Some of which were pretty good, and your response wasn't only to not buy those games, but actually reward the most dialed in games they brought to the platform. You sent the wrong message to them back then, and that means you need to start sending the right message starting right now.

Like it or not Electronic Arts did try to do right by you last generation, and you let their efforts slide through the cracks, and no their games weren't all shit. There weren't a lot of ungodly great games, but that was to be expected with all of the limitations of the hardware, but there were some good games. Like the saying goes you don't know what you got until it is gone, and I think a lot of you aren't appreciating how much less the Wii U will be if Electronic Arts isn't balancing out the equation. The sold over thirty six million games on the platform.

Obviously that isn't enough given they released seventy games, but there is a subtle point there. Some of the owners of that platform wanted those kinds of games, and chances are they weren't the casuals. Those buyers were part of the core, and seeing as the casuals aren't buying in this generation like last generation. The console cannot afford to be losing any of its core support. Especially since the casual focus last generation probably chased away a good chunk of them.