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NintendoPie said:
green_sky said:
Is it similiar to Animal Crossing: Wild World. What's new this time and would you guys recommend the DS one. I don't have 3D DS.

All Animal Crossing games are somewhat similar to each other. With this game, though, you get to become the mayor of your town which brings along all these other benefits. (You can add things to your town, make even more edits to your house including the outside of it, and they have added in more Online features, etc.)

DS one was fun. I would recommend getting this one if you want to get a 3DS, though. Will you be getting a 3DS?

Thanks Pie. Not sure about 3DS yet. I still got 4-5 games i need to pick up for DS from top my head. I am leaning more towards Wii U this time. Experiencing Nintendo franchises in HD sounds good. I'll pick up DS one if see it while browsing a store or find one online. :)