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I liked TERA. I played while sub based, i have an account, but i dont feel compelled to play anymore (mostly because of the grindy nature of endgame and chance to fail enchantments).
Actually im starting to feel burned out of MMORPG's. They bore me to tears.

The only exception to me is SWTOR. It now has 6 week content updates, weekly/bi-weekly shop content updates and an expansion coming this spring. Its alot better managed, the engine is beeing opimised, the bugs have been taken care of for the most part, its really turning out quite good now. Its also making good money now so more support is garanteed.
On top of all that, you can also play for free, but the incentives to sub are compelling with content updates that come so often.


Sorry, its a TERA thread and i ended up promoting SWTOR. TERA is quite good, definitly worth a shot to everyone. Great combat system.