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happydolphin said:
TruckOSaurus said:
While you're allowed to have your opinion. It is based on very flawed logic.

- You compare console gaming sales to mobile gaming sales when they're two very different beast.
- You bring in things in the argument that have little to no relevance on the subject (like League of Legends' appeal)
- You make a false correlation between a product's value and the development cost of that product.
- Your proposed price points would lower Nintendo's revenue not increase it.

1) They each communicate something, and that information is what I'm using to build my opinion. I'm not sure who decided that the two couldn't be compared...

I'll start with this point and see if you're really interested in an honest argument.

- Consoles are bought mainly by people who want a device dedicate to playing video games.
- Smart phones are bought by people who want a cell phone, who want to check their emails on the go, who want to browse the Internet on the go, who need a PDA and people who want to play some games too.

Do you agree that smart phones have a heck of a lot more potential customers? If not, then I give up.

Moving on to the games.

- Mobile games are simple, quick, fun for a few minutes. They're the kind of games you pull out while you're waiting for someone, while you're on the can, they're something you play when you've got time to kill and they are priced accordingly. Angry Birds isn't worth more than $1 (and most people just go for the free version).
- Console games are more challenging, have infinetely better gameplay and you can actually sit down and play them for hours straight. They offer more content and better entertainment and of course they are more expensive because they're worth it.

So Angry Birds reaching 250 million downloads (across 5 different games) can't be compared to NSMBW's 26.61 million sales in raw numbers because they live in two very different worlds.

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