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I never expected the Wii U to perform as well as the Wii, but not bad like that, man, not like that...and can you imagine if NSMBU wasn´t available?

I don't think anybody on the chartz predicted this, or at least I didn't see anyone predict it. You'd probably be labelled a hater if you did!


That´s one of the reasons a new generation is´s a completely new game, being the 'winner' in a previous generation means very little or nothing if you don´t play your cards right.

Well, I did predict WiiU would only do 30m lifetime and be replaced by 2016 prior to launch. 

However, looking at these post-holiday numbers makes me wonder if I wasn't too generous in that prediction.  Not even the Nintendo-core are buying WiiU.  Not yet anyway.   Desperately needs games.

30 million?...that´s worse than the N64...personally, I see it somewhere between the N64 and the NES, leaning much more towards the former.

I gave a lot of reasons for that.  Basically the gamepad adds too much cost for an otherwise (soon-to-be) out of date system without any of the benefits that the Wiimote or DS's second screen added.    It's seen as neither innovative nor desirable to the majority of people.  If the gamepad adds nothing to gameplay (and for the most part this is true, almost all WiiU games can be played without it, without losing anything really.  Then the only reason to buy one is to eventually play HD 3D Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros....    There is no other reason to get one.  Worse, if PS4/720 launch as comparible price points (likely since they aren't THAT high tech and Sony/MS will almost certainly take a loss on them once again) WiiU is completely f---edI have to ask, what your reaction the first time Nintendo showeed

I have to ask, what was your reaction the first time Nintendo showed the Wii U at E3 2011?...the Wii, in the beginning of the generation, was following in the NES´ footsteps, then in 2010 it shifted to a more "N64/GCN approach", with the exception of DKC Returns...I take it you, as a Wii fan, started feeling 'left out'.

I had huge reservations about it from the start.  In 2004/5 Nintendo was wondering how to get more people to play.  They realized that the dual analog controllers were a huge discouragement for new people to begin playing (kids excepted).  Their solution was the wiimote.   It was admittedly an imperfect solution but it accomplished what Nintendo was after - grew their user base tremendously.    So to see them return to the dual analog controller (albeit with a touch screen attached) was a shock and disappointment. I knew instantly it would flop.  Casuals who didn't like the dual analog before certainly wouldn't like a bigger/bulkier and even more interface confusing one now and core gamers aren't going to take too kindly to the huge touchscreen either.   At that time it wasn't clear then how much the wiimote would continue to be supported though, or price, power, etc. 

Once it became clear that WiiU would be over-priced (because of the gamepad), underpowered (because of the cost of the gamepad), and lacked any killer core or casual launch title I knew it was doomed to Gamecube-like sales. Nintendoland fails because, while the appeal of the wiimote/Wii Sports was obvious, Nintendoland has to be played to see it's appeal and casual's won't want to play with the dual analog gamepad to begin with.    If they were willing to use dual analog they'd get a 360/PS3 with a s---load more games instead.  

WiiU (IMO) is completely and utterly screwed without an audience beyond the Nintendo faithful and I expected them to support WiiU better than what we're seeing.   I imagine once 3D Mario, Kart, Zelda, Smash, etc release the faithful will pick it up but now I'm starting to think it's sales will be closer to 10m as it's 3rd party support will likely be even worse than Gamecube's and GC at least had better tech and lower price than PS2.   WiiU will be substancially weaker than it's competition and likely just as expensive - possibly more, depending on how big a loss MS will take and how big a discount a 2yr XBL subscription will offer.

As a Wii fan I did feel NSMBWii was the last offering Nintendo made for people 'like me'.  Wii Party was 'meh', Wii Motion Plus sucked, and while I personally enjoyed Metroid: Other M and Kirby I'm sure most casuals or semi-core/casuals like me probably didn't look twice at them. Just Dance/Zumba Fitness saved Wii from falling even faster and further than it did.   And frankly Dance Central/Kinect is much better than those.

It's very hard to take you seriously after seeing your wiiU lifetime sales prediction... Do you really think Nintendo are just going to let it die? Do you realise they didn't even start advertising it to the mass audience yet? Do you realise that more games will be coming out for it? And most importantly..... Do you realise it's sold already 2.6M, which means you are predicting that it will sell barely 1.5m per year? Im sorry, but you just lost pretty much your whole credibility.

First off, my prediction is 30m and I'm still standing by that.  But I'd be very happy to be wrong.    However, I expected a lot better sales for this quarter.  This is worse than my own predictions.  Right now it's preforming like a 10m seller not a 30m seller.  Also I predict it's replace by 2016, not 2017 so your calculations are off. Beyond that you are right and I state that once the big games come out sales should increase.

Second, a good launch means nothing for Nintendo consoles.  Yes, it's behind Wii - no surprise.  Did you know it's also a poorer launch than Gamecube's?  Off 50% in the November/December frame and falling fast.   Of course Gamecube also stumbled after it's initially strong launch and required a price cut in it's first year, but I've never seen any (major) console stumble the way WiiU is (and WiiU is already sold at a loss so a price cut is unlikely).   Even Vita, launched aligned, was selling better than these last post-holiday weeks of WiiU.