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S.Peelman said:


Another who sees through the facade of Super Mario World and realizes Yoshi's Island rules all !

Yeah! :) Well actually I don't mean to disrespect ANY of the old school Marios, each of them completely fascinated me at some point. But Yoshi's Island is especially vivid in my mind for feeling super inspired and silly, in the best way.

SMB still feels super slick today. Crazy how they nailed it with their first try. 
SMB2, my favourite before Yoshi's Island came along! Yeah I know, it's the ugly duckling, but I loved the atmosphere and strangeness.
SMB3 is the one I like the least today, mostly for the physics - it's a bit slower than the rest. 
SMW, haven't replayed it since the actual SNES days. But it was the best thing back then.

Regarding the "New" series, I know they get a lot of criticism, but I think they successfully evolve the pure gameplay, meaning how Mario feels and bounces. Still best in the genre. They don't innovate enough in the atmosphere / crazyness department, though.