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KHlover said:
Spazzy_D said:
happydolphin said:
Spazzy_D said:
I beat God of War 3 in 8 1/2 hours. Never wanted to play it again. I've played New Super Mario Bros. 2 for about 30 hours. First game cost me 60 bucks, the second 40.

Which one ripped me off more?

I didn't like GoW, so maybe that's a bad example?

Ha, well you can use the same formula for Uncharted or really any other big game this gen that isn't either A.) Focused on Multiplayer or B.) A Sandbox game or RPG.

The point remains that video games are a terrible value proposition.  If you don't want to get ripped off, go buy a book. (Can't get a better hours per dollar enjoyment ratio anywhere else.)

Haha, what? Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone cost us $25 when it released and I need 2 hours to read it. Super Smash Bros. Brawl. cost me $60 and I have already invested 600 hours into the game. I didn't feel ripped off by either one, but hours per dollar for a book  are a bad example :) 

Not when buying hardcover best sellers new, lol, but you can buy most books now a days for under 5 dollars.  I can also make a case for retro or used gaming, but modern "AAA" gaming does not provide much bang for the buck.  MMOs. which get criticized for monthly payment plans, actually aren't too bad as they are crazy time sinks.

Anyway, this is all completly off topic... I was jsut pointing out that a lot of "high quality" gmaes that people don't mind spending 60-70 dollars on don't have as much lasting apeal as platformers that cost less.  That being the case, who is being robbed?