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happydolphin said:

I find it really appalling that Nintendo permits itself to sell its old school platformers at an MSRP of 59.99$ and 39.99$ for portable offerings.

Super Paper Mario: 49.99$

New Super Mario Bros. Wii: 49.99$

Kirby's Epic Yarn: 49.99$

Donkey Kong Country Returns 49.99$

NSMB 2: 39.99$

NSMB U: 59.99$


When games on WiiWare, the e-shop, steam, PSN and XBLA are offering competing products at a much more reasonable price:

Limbo: 9.99$

Trine: 9.99$

Trine 2: 14.99$

Braid: 9.99$

vvvvvv: 4.99$

Super Meat Boy: 14.99$

Bit. Trip. Beat: 9.99$


These Nintendo games sold like mad when the Wii was at its peak, but is it reasonable to expect that trend to continue?

In the meantime the 3D landscape is rifted into realistic games and more laid-back experiences, it seems that this market is not properly understood by Nintendo.

supply and demand. people still buy the shit for that price, why the hell would you lower it?
limbo and the other stuff wouldn't sell for 40$ so what do they do? they lower it untill people buy it, and make it stay on that price untill people stop buying it and lower it again..
Don't like it, don't buy it and if they want to keep selling it they will lower it ;)

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