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ps3-sales! said:
JOKA_ said:
It supports the artist, it doesn't matter if they "deserve it" or not. You aren't entitled to just take whatever you want without paying because YOU don't think you should have to.

If you think $0.99 for a song or $12 for the album is too much, your first reaction shouldn't be "oh I'll just steal it", it should be "well I guess I won't buy it, maybe wait for a price drop".

Maybe you should get off your high horse and start thinking realistically. 

Music don't have price drops anymore. And technically it's considered file sharing, not stealing. 

High horse?  I think its called being a decent human by giving people who worked on a product some compensation (read: money) for their effort.

I am being realistic.  When I cannot afford something/think the price of something is too high....I don't buy it.  When I walk into a convenience store and see a $2 candy bar but I only have a $1... I don't buy it.  When I look on Steam and I see a game for $60 that I don't think is worth $60...I don't buy it.  When I see an album on iTunes for $12 that I don't want to pay $12 for...I don't buy it.

Fine, music doesn't have price drops.  That doesn't mean pirate it, it means....wait for it.....don't buy it!

And I'm sorry, but it is stealing. 

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