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RolStoppable said:
Really? People are saying that Square-Enix needs that support? They are big enough to stand on their own feet.

How about third parties like Atlus who have no European subsidary.

Well, Iwata himself didn't name any specific titles or companies. I'm pretty sure Square-Enix will bring Bravely Default over on their own.

Everyone jumps to Bravely Default because it's one of the "big" ones, but of course being one of the big ones means it's less likely to need outside help from Nintendo to be localized.

He does mention Europe and Layton, so maybe they're looking into Layton vs Ace Attorney over. Maybe some other Level-5 games like Fantasy Life or Inazuma Eleven or the upcoming Guild02 games. And maybe they're thinking about bringing Etrian Odyssey IV, SMT IV, or Soul Hackers to Europe for Atlus.

I doubt Nintendo can do all of that this year. But a little help to a small company like Level-5 or Atlus can go a long way.