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Jay520 said:
I have no problem with Nintendo continuing their franchises through several generations. In fact, I'm glad they do. The problem is the fact that their traditional games take up a large portion of their overall output. Continuing older IPs is fine, but it should be balanced with a certain amount of new IPs. Unfortunately for many people, Nintendo aren't balancing their old IPs with enough new IPs.

I'm a Nintendo fan boy, and I agree with this.  Nintendo doesn't have enough new, BIG, IPs.  Some E-Shop games aren't going to cut it.

The other thing is Mario fatigue, although that's a bit unfair.  Mario Kart, 2D Mario, Mario Tennis, Paper Mario..... all of these are in completly different games in different genres..... honestly, I think part of Nintendo's lack of New IPs is the fact that they always try to slap a recognizable IP on something to help it sell (which isn't a bad idea.)  Mario Kart, Star Fox Adventure, and Kirby's Epic Yarn were all going to be brand new IPs at one point.