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Hynad said:
DieAppleDie said:
DaRev said:
o_O.Q said:

DaRev said:

First off, you response is still cracking me up how defensive you are thinking I want any console to fail. What I want on the other hand is for the hypocrisy to end, regardless of how entertaining it makes these debates.

Seconly, you not owning a Wii U doesn't supprise me in the slightest. Based on your comments I could almost tell everything about your gaming life, pathetic really. And I bet you call yourself a 'gamer' lol, what a joke.

Thirdly, you keep stacking up those reasons for justifying your hate for Nintendo. True games like me, look past all that and play games, good games on a good console, regardless of its faults - you should try to stoping hating Nintendo for a while and enjoy the games they offer.

lol so not owning a wii u makes people pathetic now

how do you infer that he hates nintendo?

I never said that.

Sorry, I misteaked his intention, obviously.

lol dont even bother with them, theyre a lost cause, let them enjoy their crappy games on their super duper consoles .....omg PS4 is 1.23 tflops wohooo im coming yeah!!! Theyre really pathetic individues but pointing that out just makes you be closer to know...i dont touch dogshit, cause i dont want to stain myself with it....remember that ;)

Quoting this. Making sure you can't edit.

come to me...