Somini said:
Michael-5 said:

For the same reason why the Xbox 360 is so unpopular in Japan.

And the prize goes to contestant number 5 lol. This is what i have been saying as well. This doesn't mean a product or console has to be American made to sell in the US. Just that the 360 is one such product that has profited big from this.

Yea, but In Japan, you need a domestic product to sell well.

Well usually, don't iPads and iPhones sell well in Japan? Or is it South Korea and China exclusively that they sell well in?

In USA being domestic is a big help, you only need a half decent product to compete and viola. I don't knpw if Sony can ever reclaim USA anytime soon, but you never know, no one could have guessed Wii could have done so well in USA.

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