Metallicube said:
Areym said:

Americans love violence. It is in their culture, it is part of their history. The 360 focuses heavily on violence and that's what american teens want to do. Not to mention MS has a lot more advertisement going on than Sony. 

That's a pretty ignorant statement.. If you look at history as I have (got my degree in history) you'll see violence is present throughout nearly every culture throughout time, at least to an extent. I will agree that American media loves to hone in on violence to boost ratings, but that doesn't mean the American public loves violence.

Also, let's be honest here, is the PS3 lineup really less violent than the 360's?

Tbe public loves violence. Doesn't makes us monster but we are sadistic in a sense. We love to see one guy take out like 25 guys with a machine gun. We like to see the hero take out his enemies in the most brutal ways possible. Also, i base my statement in the fact that the 360 gets special streament on these violent video games because the 360 is known, or at least it was before the kinect, to be the hardcore console while the PS3 was more towards a middle ground and the Wii being for 4 year olds and Zelda fans and also cause they sold better on the 360. GTA4 got timed exclusives, CoD games get timed exclusives not to mention it has big franchises focused heavy on combat (Halo and GoW)

The PS3 does have a violent line up as well but we're not talking about the PS3, are we? Gratz on the history degee btw.

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