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Cirio said:
What Max said. I wonder how many of these parents buy CoD for little Timmy every year, or I wonder how many of these parents throw their credit cards to little Timmy to "shut him up" so he can buy whatever game he wants on Amazon.

A damn good amount. I use to work in the electronics department at Target and the computer would always prompt a age check for M rated games. Only way to bypass it is to have a manager number and the only way the computer accepts the date is actually scanning an ID. Everytime it prompted I would say "this game is rated M for blood, violence, and people swear (or fill in whatever else it was rated M for but that was the most common) all the time while playing online." Parents never hesitated. I had one parent say "oh what does that mean?" and I basically said you run around shooting people in the game and she didn't care.

EDIT: on top of that it was never for teenagers either. Always for like 7-12 year olds.