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TheLastStarFighter said:
Yeah, the real question is can it match Wii hardware sales. I'm unsure if it will do better or worse. I'll go on a limb and say it will match Wii because it will have a larger base. It's base will be larger because of better third party support and a very strong base in Japan.

You do know that the mass majority of the Wii's sales came from casuals right? Just checking. Those people are only looking for the next big thing that they can drop a couple hundred dollars on in the holiday season for the gamily. The Wii U doesn't fit the bill because they already have Ipads. The majority of them can game on their ipad or ipohones (which are dominating the handheld market right now) and the core who own PS3's and 360's wont switch to the Wii U because they are already spoken for and are currently playing more games. If they dont make it as easy to game as they did with the Wii, the majority of them will not be coming back. People fail to see that what the Wii was is one time media darling.