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outlawauron said:
Michael-5 said:
outlawauron said:

Nier and Drakenguard are completely different. While connected loosely on one of the endings, they're completely different in all other ways.

I know that, but they both have the same type of atmophere, don't day? I haven't played Nier, but I plan to, and I imagine that it would feel like Nier.

So why don't you like Drakengard?

I enjoyed Drakengard, but having played hundreds of games, it didn't fit into my top 50. I'd like to think that you can still enjoy titles (as I did) that fall outside of your favorites.

Lol, okay. It barely made my list too. However I am looking forwards to Nier. Only $5 now, I can easily sell it for the same, so there is no risk with this purchase.

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