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Michael-5 said:
ganoncrotch said:
Michael-5 said:

Yea, New Vegas doesn't have me excited to play it as it should. I loved Fallout 3, not as much as you, but I got all the achievements and did all the main quests.

I probably won't pick up Singularity. If I like Bioshock and have enough room for more games (Honestly, Catherine, Tales of Vesperia, Infinite Undiscovery, Uncharted 3, Halo 4, InFamous 2, my list is already too much), then I'll just get Bioshock 2.

As for Mass Effect, it's a good series, but a tough one to recommend. It's really slow to start, it takes about 5 hours for ME1 to really pick up, but after that, you should get hooked. It's a pretty good series, Mass Effect 2 is one of my favorite games this gen, and each game is only 20-30 hours long so the whole trilogy will take less time to beat then FallOut 3 (For you, I beat Fo3 in 40 hours with 1550/1550).

It's worth a look at, especially since the trilogy is coming out now.

BTW, did you mention Too Human earlier? Did you like that? Mass Effect feels like a much more polished version of Too Human, and both games gave me that same meh first impression, but I ended up loving them.

Oh yeah Too human absolutely drove me crazy at the start just dying all the time but once you figure out a few survival techniques it actually got really fun to play and aye I went on to 1000pt it I liked it so much I bought my brother a copy of it too and sat down with him for about an hour showing him how to play it and not just die and hate it and he went on to 1000pt it too :D he doesn't have internet access so to get the final achievement of online CoOp killing a troll he had to bring his Xbox to my place hook it up and we got that achievement online co op playing together was cool out.

I do own mass effect 1 + 2 as well as a number of other games which I really need to get started on at some stage... just lose most of my gaming time to WoW which kinda sucks for not having an ending so I can move on :D That is my issue with games, I also ofc got the 1550 from Fallout3 but... I also went beyond that like I have a bit of OCD when it comes to gaming so yeah I have to do everything... and I don't mean every quest I mean you know that huge supermarket where you first go to get some food for Megaton well... I kinda had to sell everything in the game for it's caps to merchants which included an over encumbered walk from that store to the nearest vendor to sell every rusted tin there for 1 cap each : < also done that with the library later on in the game, Issues and whatnot!

Doing that kinda sucks in a lot of games... Especially fallout where there isn't anything to sink the caps into it's just a number you have, in wow I have pretty much all the buyable rare mounts going in game and still close to 3/4m gold :D at least can use it in wow.


ps that pic of my games is a little dated and I have over double that number of ps3 games visable in that picture now!!! I got deadspace2 and Deadrising 2 which aren't in the pic :D

Yea, I used to do that type of stuff, beating a game to it's true 100%, when I was younger, but after the Gold Skulltellas in Ocarina of Time, I and cheats in GTA, I found it useless. If only 1 great game came out a year, I would do it, but that is not the case. So in order not to sacrifice too many games, once I platnium a game, or get all the reasonable achievements in a game (Not going to get seriously in Gears, or beat Too Human what 2.5 times?), I'm good. I only beat a game twice if it's one of my absolute favorite games (Metroid Prime, Resident Evil 4, Mass Effect 2, etc).

I know how you feel about Fallout 3 though. You have so many valuable items, but not only do you not have any use for the caps, youre also limited on what you can carry. I bet this is why people spend hundreds of hours into a game like Skyrim/Oblivion, since you can buy houses to store equipment.

As for your image, why do you have 150 Gamecube games? I have 36 and already I feel I've got a few which I can live without fine. Still I feel for you, I have about 70 360 games and a dozen Wii and PS3 games. I just have no time, so instead of buying more games I never play, I limit myself nowdays. Unless I plan to play a game within 6 months, I don't buy it (Unless it's an old game at a garage sale or something). I'm probably going to sell 20-30 of my 360 games without putting much time into them, and it's all because I have better 360/Wii/PS3/PS2/PS1/etc games to beat. The logic is, the game will get cheaper the older it is, so if I change my mind, or nothing new comes out afterwards, I can pick it up for less.

My collection takes up about as much space as yours, but my collection is over 20 different platforms, that pic you sent me is just 2 platforms.

If you want, look at my profile, and then My Games. I took my time to put every game I have up there. Some I can't add to the collection, like Black 2, but most are there.

firstly to 1000pt too human you also need an achievement to collect 5000 aesir drops, which means weapons and armor drops on average you get around 3 of these per minute if you are going through stages quickly, it works out per playthrough you get just under 500 of these drops so yeah... you need to finish it a lot more times than 2.5 :D

As for the collection, that is just my Xbox360/GC shelf the reason there are so many GC games was I loved that so picked up almost everything for it during it's life. My complete list of consoles would be Atari 2600, NES, MasterSystem2, Megadrive 1/2, SNES, PS/PSone, Sega Saturn, N64, Dreamcast, PS2/PS2slim, GC, Xbox, Wii,Xbox360,Ps3slim and handhelds GBp/GBc, NeoGeo pocket color, GBA, GBA with an afterburner fitted, 2xGBAsp 1 is the zelda edition, GBAmicro, NokiaN-gage, NDSlite,Psp1000, 3DS All 100% working and with a full games collection on each one sitting next to their systems :D See that is the thing you sell stuff that you might not play again, Even after I've 100%'d a game sometimes multiple times I never sell anything there has been 1 or 2 very very rare exceptions to this rule.

I'll try and grab a few pics of my other stuff at a point and maybe make a thread titled "break into my house lol" :D but yeah lots of games + 3 story house for me and my missus who also loves games :) lots of nerdage stored in here.

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