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NintendoPie said:
pezus said:

Very good games on the list, but also some serious games that are missing and some are criminally too low. PC is especially under-represented, not that it's surprising given that this website is pretty damn console focused and has always been that way.

Is Ocarina really that good or is it one of those snowball phenomenons where it gets mentioned a lot as the best game of all time and then everyone lets that influence their own decision, which leads to more people mentioning it and after a few years it's just set in stone? Sort of like Shawshank Redemption on IMDB I guess.

It seems like that. But a ton of people really, truthfully seem to like OoT.

Yea i'll try to play some Zelda games this year. OoT being one of them since it is being recommend by so many. I am sure nostalgia factors into lot of older games being higher up. Why did you not make a list Mr. NinPie?