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Michael-5 said:
ganoncrotch said:
Michael-5 said:

AH F*** I forgot to add Vanquish (360/PS3) to my list! It was the funnest game I have played in a long time! Next year

Awww man Vanquish... I was playing through that aiming for the no deaths playthrough and got killed by an invisible wall just before a cutscene started, have sulked at the game ever since :D

There is a trick to that. If you quit without saving and then restart your system and load your last save, it load to before you died.

I never died though, the hardest was finishing Challenge 6..... Man, I was shaking when I did it because I almost died on the final wave, and had the AI done a different attack, I wouldn't have been able to save myself.

I absolutely love achievements like that one, to finish a game without dying/taking damage or so I think the

from sonic 4 and the Untouchable achievements from Too Human are probably some of the most... fist pumping ones I've gotten just for pure focusing and trying to remember to breath out inbetween boss attacks :D Not sure if anyone other than me actually played Too Human before there was a law passed to destroy copies of it :D but damn good game once you get passed its flaws and yeah hard as nails, so finishing the whole game without a death, rockers hard.

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