YukanaSenix said:
Nem said:

Unless you count MMO's. At wich point its probably WoW, though that milk cow has run dry and its not gonna feed them anymore.

Its still by far the best MMORPG out there and this won't change with anythng but another Blizzard MMORPG(cross the fingers for TItan!)
All those WoW Killers have like 10 players left only after 1 month cause they lack everything a MMORPG needs > Endgame.
Star Wars has such a beautiful story! - Yeah 2 days later your max level and can't do shit - Raids were clear after 1 night and were designed for "new players" LOL
Guild Wars 2 has such awesome PvP! - Yeah even more unbalanced than the current MoP PvP and absolutely no rewarding system.And of course no raiding Endgame.

And i don't say WoW is awesome or anything like that.
Its just the best MMORPG existing - There is nothing that comes close and this is sad cause WoW is far away from its prime.
Just shows how bad all the other MMORPGs are if they can't overthrone WoW in its current state.
FF14 will be the next one to fail...again.

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For me clearly WoW if you count the monthly sub and all the addons since release minus 1 year of pause through Cataclysm.

A single game would be Valkyrie Profile from the PS1 - Did spend a lot on it cause we never got it in Europe and it was at the time that game went for insane amounts of money on ebay.

Ooh... no it isnt at all.

For me whats important is wether i have fun playing the game's combat. In that regard, SWTOR and TERA are far better.

WoW bores me to tears and looks like a turd by today's standards. I played it for a few years cause there was no other option, but you can bet i will never play it again, aslong as there are options, and now there are.

Though as far as GW2 goes, you have my agreement, not specifically only because of what you said, but because the ammount of auto-attacking in that game makes it an absolute bore to play. Its a shame cause i had great hopes after GW1 was so much fun to play.

You might want to say what you mean with "best" cause even in content WoW is not the best. That crown goes to RIFT. Actually, i rank WoW in 5th best in the current landscape. My standard beeing how fun to play a game is, and not how many holes i can find to poke on. And dont even get me started on how MoP makes me wanna puke or the repetitive combat animations