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Mr Khan said:
ASStronaut said:
Mr Khan said:
I would seriously reconsider wanting to buy it if it had a 30-day limit like Pikmin 1. I've been thinking about giving Pikmin a chance, but i really don't like games with overarching time limits (that's also what scared me clean off of Majora's Mask, which i've never mustered the guts to play)

Where did you see "30 days" in the OP?

No, and i suppose i could be overthinking it.

I wouldn't mind if the missions are timed as such, but i would be bothered by an overarching limit.

That's a good point, anyway, whatever Miyamoto cooks up is gonna be great.

You should really try Pikmin 1 and 2. Is Pikmin 2 still not available on Wii (new play control) in America? Europe has 1 and 2 on New Play Control.

They are even better with the New Play Control.

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