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#4: Super Mario World (1991)
Last Year: 4

Super Mario World was the first game that made me jealous of a console I didn't own. In fact, my neighbor had a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and I would make it a point to go over that as much as I could, just to get a look at Super Mario World. The colors, the sounds, the vastness of the game... everything came together to create this world that was larger than life... and I wanted to be a part of it. I even remember taking the controller for myself and beating my first level (the one in the Forest of Illusion where you're riding that moving platform through the entire level). I finally got to own the game for myself when it released on the GameBoy Advance, and it was like walking into a time machine. Everything was still there: the wonderful sounds, the colorful sights, the pitch perfect controls... I had fallen in love with Super Mario World again. Everything was right with the world.