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Graphics-8 so no real big complaints. the cutscenes were fantastic, but a few of the gameplay points were a bit dull (bio-mechanical boss's corpse)
story- 8 plot is good and obviously set up a sequel with the missing saboteur, but the vocal direction is lackluster at points. Sometimes the visual was enough, but they still insisted on jessica martin explaining the scene. Speaking of jessica martin some of her dialogue was simply too emotionless. Like she was just reading words and not acting them. But once again i think that was probably the vocal directors fault. I could deal with the weapon authorization deal, but i will say the varia suit instance was rediculous.
gameplay-7 dumbest way to shoot a missile in a metroid ever. everything else worked if you got used to it, but why ask the player to take the effort to get used to such out the box controls? addition of a nunchuck would have boosted this score greatly. On the other hand all the 3rd person controls were much tighter than you would think they would be with a dpad. Melee attacks were great and a welcome edition to a 3rd person metroid game.
Audio-8.75 Everything sounds exactly like it should. Even the voice of samus matches up to how i thought it would sound. Everything was well editited and mixed, but my main quarm here is the music. i would've actually taken off more here, except i was quite pleased with the score for the ridley encounter. overall it was exciting enough, but i just didn't think it was as atmospheric as it has been in the past.
overall-8. solid game that i really enjoyed. Simple changes could've made it much better, but that doesn't mean it was bad to begin with. Just not achieving it's potential.