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#7: Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow
Last Year: 8

Pokemon was more than just a simple GameBoy game. Pokemon was my childhood. I was 10 years old when Pokemon Red/Blue came out in 1998 (it seems like an eternity has passed since then... sheesh!), and since then I've become a full fledged Pokemaniac. It would have never started if it wasn't for this little masterpiece. Simple gaming mechanics (no more than an advanced form of rock, paper, scissors) but with loads of variables (151 Pokemon to choose from! Various assortments of movesets!) allowed for a game that was simple to play but difficult to master. And all these variables allowed for innumerable playthroughs. Just how many times I've played through this game... I'll never know. All I know that this game is a part of me that I'll never forget, and that it's helped me grow as a gamer. Pokemon for life!