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#10: Metroid Prime (2002)
Last Year: 9

Metroid Prime was actually my first ever Metroid game. At that point in time I was quite familiar with Ninendo's other great heroes such as Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby, and Pokemon... but Samus Aran was just some space bounty hunter in Super Smash Bros. for all I knew. I didn't know about her previous adventures such as Metroid and Super Metroid (Don't worry, I've played them since then!). So Metroid Prime was my first jump into the role of Samus Aran. As you can tell, I'm glad I made the jump... as Metroid Prime is one of the finest games I've ever played. Despite being in the first person, Prime always felt like an elite Action-Adventure game in the same vein as Ocarina of Time. In fact, the viewpoint helped enhance the game by immersing the player in the amazing world that you explored. The terrain was always a joy to traverse, the battles were always intense (as with Bioshock, I love it when games integrate horror elements. Some truly tense and even frightening moments in this game!), and the music is incredible. Metroid Prime is an unforgettable adventure... and an unforgettable game.