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ethomaz said:

Chris Hu said:

I don't care too much about them they are a easy way to make a lot of money even if you don't finish in the top three.

Just check the score boards to see how much people play these Seasonal Events... in GTPlanet community they are considered the best thing in the GT5 even more popular then the online multiplayer.

Well I guess I have something to look forward to when I play GT5 next. I kind of ignored this mode because there weren't any trophies associated with it (at least I think there weren't) so I didn't think it was a big part of the game. I assumed it was no different from Forza 4's.....I don't even know what the mode is called LOL, but in it, I only really tried the Top Gear Test track in a Kia Cee'd.

Still, you can't go around saying Forza 4 (or 3) is easy when you only played the begining, and then claim GT5 is hard because of this one mode, which is a auxillary mode outside of the career.

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