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In the past few months while lurking the forum I've seen quite a few people complain about users with the WiiU browser, stating that the messed up quotes would massively irritate them. While this isn't the biggest issue out there I have to agree, especially in longer quote trees the missing formatting can be quite annoying.

Fortunately I found a way to fix the issue. After pressing "Quote" immediately enter the HTML editor. You should now see something like this:

Enter your reply and press "Update", then send your post without changing anything and it should look like this:


KHlover said:
Interesting, but why does Apple only win in the USA? I really have no clue, but I hope there won't be a "herp derp patriotism" post any time soon^^




How to directly insert images/GIFs:


1. Respond to a post (does not matter if via quote or response), this will lead you to the normal respond screen.


2. Insert the image url (must be the direct url to the picture) between [i m g][/i m g] (without the spaces), it will look like this:

3. Post and be happy^^ (Also works with GIFs)



How to compress URL's into a single word:

Another useful little tweak. Instead od just pasting a long URL into a thread like this:

You can keep your post shorter and much better to look at with the following tweak.

For example: becomes Amazon

If I find some other tweaks I'll also post them here.



How to use spoilers:

1.) Write your comment
2.) Select it
3.) Klick at the "Styles" box, select "Spoiler Text"




How to insert Youtube videos in a thread

1.) Open the Youtube page of the video.
2.) Klick on "Share"
3.) Klick on "Embbed"

It won't work unless you check "Use old embed code" (The marked box) since VGChartz doesn't support the new code
5.) Mark and CTRL+C the code
6.) Klick "Reply" in the thread you want to post the video to. DO NOT USE QUICK REPLY, for some reason it won't work sometimes.
7.) Paste the code, klick "Submit"

It will look like it didn't work, don't worry. It juste takes some time until the website has converted the code to its needs.

8.) To check: Klick "Edit". The text field should seem to be empty now. Klick "HTML" in the toolbox.

As you can see, the code was not deleted and still exists.

9.) Klick "Submit"
10.) Tada!



If the checkbox "Use old embbed code" should not exist in the Youtube video you want to post, go to this website instead.

Follow the instructions, then continue with step 6.