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Michael-5 said:
Chris Hu said:

Finished getting my International A License today and so far the only part that gave me trouble with the licenses was the last part of that one of course I'm not going for the gold bronze is good enough for me unless the last license turns out to be super dificult I would say that GT4 and all the other GT games have harder license test.  The special events are a lot harder then the licence test I really can't jude the seasonal events yet since I only tried a few and most of them in b spec and won all the races I tried so far. 

Internaltional licence aren't easy, but they aren't that hard. Special Events (Like AMG Academy and Lotus Top Gear Run) are moderatly difficult to get a gold in, but not that hard, and they account for so little of the game (Can't say GT5 is hard because a couple Special Event races are).

Clearly, you have played both games.

So which do you think is harder?

I haven't played Forza 4.  But between Forza 3 and GT5 I say that GT5 is harder but it would probably be a lot easier if I where good in tuning cars.  Even with that being said its a lot easier to make fast and easy money in GT5 espceially in the seasonal events.