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#11: Conker's Bad Fur Day
Last Year: 10

Why Conker's Bad Fur Day is Amazing (Reason #267):

The Great Mighty Poo Song:


Me me me me meeeeeee...

I am the Great Mighty Poo,
And im going to throw my shit at you!
A huge supply of tish
Come from my chcolate star fish.
How about some scat you little twat?

Do you realy think you'll survive in here?
You don't seem to know which creek you're in!
Sweet corn is the only thing that makes it through my rear,
How do you think i keep this lovely grin?
(Have some more caviar!)

Now I'm getting rather mad!
You're like a niggly tiggly shitty little tag nut!
When I knock you out with all my bab,
I'm going to take your head and ram it up my butt!
(Your butt?)
Yes my butt!
(Your butt??)
That's right my butt
MY BUTT!!!!!
*Glass cracks*

*Flush noise*
Oh you cursed squirrel look what you've done!
I'm flushing I'm flushing!
Oh what a world, what a world!
Who'd thought a good little squirrel like you could destroy my beautiful claginess!
Oh I'm going awwww noooooo arrghhhhhhhhhhh

Conker: Now thats what I call bowl movement!