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#12: WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos/The Frozen Throne
Last Year: 12

Curse you World of WarCraft! Because of you, it'll take forever for WarCraft IV to come out... AND you've taken all the different plot points from III and resolved them! Arthas is dead?! I just helped him become the true Lich King in The Frozen Throne! Illidan dead too? Bah! ... Oh... sorry about that. #^_^# Anyways, WarCraft III is an incredible game and my favorite in the RTS genre. I enjoy the slower pace and the added strategy of hero units, and the single player game is so fun to play (I've probably played the single player a dozen times...). But the thing that makes this game legendary is That custom games button is actually a portal to another world full of fun. WinterMaul (and all of its clones. Pokemaul!), Tower Defense, DOTA... there's so many great games to play. WarCraft III is easily my most played game ever. I've probably invested over 1,000 hours into this wonderful gaming creation. Kudos!