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Nsanity said:
ethomaz said:

Michael-5 said:

Licencing is so easy!!! That's like a tutorial, now I know your bs.

Yea, you're just full of BS, how can you go around claiming Forza 4 is easy if you've only played the early levels? Every racing game is a peice of cake at the start. In both GT5 and Forza 4 you have to be real stupid to loose any of the first dozen or so races.

The problem with GT5 is that up to level 11, it's a joke. After level 11, the GTR makes you unbeatable, and you'll zoon to level 21. At level 21, a properly modified or tuned Corvette ZR1, will make the game easy up until the Red Bull car, and after's still easy.

However. If you don't know how to pick cars, GT5 can be the hardest game ever. Forza is easy in the sense that the race limitations aren't car/modification specific, but performance specific. So it's always possible to win a race if you have a car at the high end of the performance limitation, regardless of tuning. GT5, you have to actually pick a good car, but when you know your cars, GT5 is pretty easy. I was honestly surprised.

Also when you refer to seasonal events, are you refering to Top Gear, and Benz Academy? Yea, you can't hit people there, but that mode is full of glitches. For example, you can drive through part of the hammerhead in the Top Gear Track and as long as you don't hit a pilon, the game doesn't disqualify you or punish you. Some events like the Lotus Challenge are moderatly difficult, but as long as you play a bit of the main game first, it really isn't that bad.

Also, if you want to call BS on me, try to beat my Top Gear track time in a Kia Cee'd on Forza 4. I got a time comparable to the Formula 1 drivers on Top Gear, and that's realistic considering I don't have the fear of death, and I get infinite retries. If you can't then maybe GT5 is just difficult for you, but not me. In that case I reccomend playing higher challenge Forza tracks. You can always go to the Event list and do the hardest race in the game.

Me full of BS? For somebody didn't know anything about the specific part of GT5 that makes the replay value infinite (togeter with online mode of course)... that's a bit ironic.

That's not me... every fan knows Forza 4 is so easy even in the hardest options with all assists off... it's easy.

Anyway the there is a new Seasonal Event every week on GT5... the last two (Ferraris and Happy New Year) are hard.

You are full BS.

Yup ethomaz, full of it. Claiming your opinion, without even playing the game on higher levels, as everyones. We got'cha.

I know about online mode, GT5 and Forza both have it, and it does add to the replay value, but when did I insult the replay value? I only ever insulted the repetetiveness of single player mode since it can be done almost entirely with 3 different cars. You're changing the arguement because you know you're wrong and won't admit it.

Also, who cares about seasonal events? Now I know what you're reffering to, and until this point we've only been talking about single player(offline). Both games can be super difficult online with great opponents. Pulling up this card, when were talking about single player and calling me a liar, that just shows that you can't argue that GT5 is difficult in single player. Forza 4 has those same online modes, heck try and beat my Top Gear track time in Forza 4, that will be a much harder challenge for you then anything you've done in GT5. Heck try to get a good time in any of the online challenges.

Next time, before you go out and call Forza 4 easy, play the damn game. You can't claim a game is easy after beating the first few races, and then go claim another is hard because in online mode there is competition.

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