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ethomaz said:
Chris Hu said:

As far as having a ballanced lineup of cars Forza is miles ahead of GT and starting with FM3 it also has a better variety of cars.  GT5 lineup of cars is pretty dated since about half the cars in the game first appeared in GT2.  Also whats the use of having 1000+ cars if you can just use the Red Bull Racing car to win over half of the races in the game.

That's a bit ironic.

You can't use the Rede Bull until the Endurance races (9 of 100 events in A-Spec) and it's impossible to use it in the Seasonal Events... there are a lot of chanllenge in GT5 A-Spec somes are almost impossible to win (the licences too).

About Forza what I know you can buy any car in begnning and can use it to win all races... there are cash for all too.

Yes you can buy any car from the beginning of the game but you can't use one car to win all the races because it has more race restrictions then GT5 and that due to the fact that cars are classified into classes there is no car like the Red Bull Racing car that you can use to win tons of races.