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It's wrapped up for another 6 days, I'm trying out Far Cry 3 online co-op atm.

Kinda sucks. From carefully staking out the place, sniping the tower guards, stealthily sneaking around to disable the alarms and taking out the bad guys silently one by one, it devolves into fight of waves of crap constantly spawning from different sides around you until you can move on to the next average set piece.

Main game until Vaas died was a 9.5 for me, great twisted storyline, lots of variety in missions, fun hunting animals for upgrades, all on an amazing island to explore.
Last third with Hoyt an 8. Story and missions kept going downhill with standard assault courses and you are pretty much levelled out by then. Expertly taking over bases was still great and jumping off mountains with the wingsuit.
Co-op a 6. Assault courses with annoying defend the place from random spawning shit.