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#16: Pokemon Gold/Silver (2000)
Last Year: 15

Pokemon Gold/Silver is the first game I've ever pre-ordered. At the time of its release, I was already a full-fledged Pokemaniac. Pokemon games, cards, toys, television shows, movies... I did it all. So when Pokemon Gold/Silver was revealed... the sheer thought of a brand new world to explore, brand new types (Dark Pokemon? Sweet!), and above all else... brand new Pokemon to catch blew my mind. The game delivered, and traveling the world of Johto was amazing. The game also presents one of the greatest after-game content I've witnessed in gaming: the ability to return to Kanto, the world of the original Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow. What an incredible gift for Pokemaniacs the world over. Oh, and battling Red? What a treat. This game was truly filled to the brim with amazing moments.