Psyberius said:
Psyberius said:

well it depends on how the rest of Dec. and Jan. play out.

with shipments so close, and adjustments (as they always do this time of yr).likely to come. PS3 could find it's self just 1m untis closer if not 400k units ahead of 360 by the end of 2013.

edit: although i focus more on Q1 - Q4 reports

edit 2: PS3 will likely be 400k behind or ahead.

Uh wha?  Every single week, Sony is losing more ground right now.   100-200k less every...single...week.   It's not even close right now.  Sony would have to sell 2 million ps3's in a week to even pull within a million of MS.


I may be wrong but doesn't Sony count shipped and MS counts sold?

ask Seece. wait he's not here.

they both report shipped not sold. sold means shipped 99% of the time.

ok look. the gap according to vgc numbers, is 1.9 something. so 1-1.6m is possible which would cut the led by 2013 yr's end to 600k at the least.

still, i'm and optimist, but that's how i see it right now. that's why when i put predictions in my sig. i say subject to change, less i look to get a rise out this user base.

this may be one of those times? never know!

srry sony lost no ground the wk after black friday

I definately don't see MS cranking out sales next year until the next gen however making up 2 million while microsoft handily owns NA almost every single week is a pretty tall order my friend.  

agreed, but right now the gaps haven't been that big. i think the biggest gap so far is the one on the homw page. the biggest one was 125k, but i don't remember being bigger then that. 


Looking at the sales, current gen MS and Sony are flattening...I personally beleive they've perhaps engorged their markets.  ageed


I would KILL to get my hands on the number of sales of each console that are replacements for dead hardware.  Has anyone ever posted a thread with estimate figures?

no, but i think you just did lol.