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#18: Okami (2008)
Last Year: 17

Not having a PlayStation 2, I did not have the oppurtunity to play this newfangled Zelda-clone back when it originally released in 2006. But that art direction (Ooooh that art direction) and the immense amount of praise left me wanting to at least try the game out. Fast forward to April of 2008, where the game was (thankfully) released for the Wii, and I finally got to get my hands on it. Let me say that Okami provided one of the most magical gaming experiences I've ever played. Of course the graphics are amazing, but there's so much more to this game than that. The music is heavenly, the combat is always fun and engaging, the use of the celestial brush is intelligently implemented, the cast of characters are immensely likeable, the boss battles are epic, and the world of Nippon is full of life and wonder. Sometimes there's nothing better than to just watch Amaterasu run across Nippon, taking in the sights and realizing what a wonderful world this game has to offer.