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#19: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (2006)
Last Year: 18

First of all, there is little out there as amazing as this game's reveal back during E3 2004. Truly epic stuff right there. But fast forward to November 19, 2006 when the game launched (as well as the Wii!) and once again, Nintendo had created something special. Twilight Princess surpassed all previous Zeldas when it came to that feeling of being an epic adventure, as the game's size, scale, and art direction pointed towards something more grand and majestic. The dungeons were solid, the combat (due to WiiMote controls) were simple yet engaging and fun, Midna was (and still is) Link's best partner, and the final climax of the game is amazing (Note: Ganondorf's appearance in this game is simply awesome). There's a few minor hiccups in the game, such as the tears of light fetchquests, somewhat forgettable music,  and easy bosses, but other than those few quibbles, this game matched the hype put on the game. Twilight Princess was a game that delivered on all fronts. Also, Link can snowboard!