PooperScooper said:
Blockbuster droped HD-DVD, Target dropped HD-DVD, Woolsworth dropped HD-DVD, Warner dropped HD-DVD.... Blu-ray players still outsold HD-DVD even though HD-DVD was $150 less. Blu-ray movies still outsold HD-DVD.

Your assuming makes you an idiot. That's something they don't teach you in school apparently. How not to make yourself look like an idiot.

None of that crap matters whatsoever. BR sold more players due to PS3, not stand-alone players. And the main point I have been making is that BR was won nothing because it HAS TO BEAT DVD, which may never happen. DVD has 90% market share of the home video business. It will take years and years to beat it, and by then something new will be out that will kill BR anyway. You my friend have no knowledge of the world or how it works. All you can do is continue to call me an idiot and make the same BS comments about BR being a savior for Sony. I got news for you, the MAJORITY of the population still doesn't even know what the hell BR is, let alone are rushing out to buy it...